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Harry Ross Industries (HRI) is a family owned real estate investment company.  HRI is built on a strategy of long-term property ownership and focuses on mutually beneficial tenant relationships. We specialize in industrial real estate.   HRI has also diversified into solar power. We currently own and operate four solar farms that produce 5 megawatts of electricity.  


In 2017 HRI built the world’s largest rooftop tracking solar system.  The solar power that is produced provides electricity for our tenant, Chiquita Fresh North America (Chiquita). Chiquita has approximately 400 refrigerator trucks on the property at any given time.   This collaboration is a win-win for HRI and Chiquita.  


Because our goal is to buy and hold properties, we strive to build long-term relationships with our tenants.   We do so by maintaining our buildings and providing superior service to our tenants. All our property management is done in-house, which allows us to respond quickly to the needs of our tenants. 


Harry Ross was the founder and President of Campus Casuals of California, a garment manufacturing company.  As the business grew during the 1960’s and 70’s, Harry saw an opportunity to buy the building that housed Campus Casuals and Harry Ross Industries was born.


In the 1970’s, HRI acquired properties in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City.  HRI also built the Talon Zipper building in downtown Los Angeles.

When Harry Ross died in 1983, the business passed to his three children. Rick, an attorney and real estate broker, became the managing partner.  Under Rick’s guidance, HRI grew from less than half a dozen small to mid-sized buildings, into a 30 building enterprise.  This includes an 880,000 square foot complex in Oxnard, CA.


Rick Ross passed away in January of 2015, his brother Robert, also an attorney and real estate broker, stepped in as managing partner to manage Harry Ross Industries.  Robert hired Pat Takash of PT Property Services, HRI’s long-term broker in Phoenix, to act as a consultant.  Pat brings over 30 years of industrial real estate experience to HRI.


Today, Harry Ross Industries is still a family owned business.  The three families who make up Harry Ross Industries strongly believe in the core values of honesty, loyalty and respect for the environment.  

Our goal is to strengthen HRI’s portfolio, and to build positive and long-term relationships with our tenants.


Robert J. Ross


Rob Ross, Managing Partner

Harry Ross Industries